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Your day, your way. Connect, control and customize your whole home with AMP security.

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Give access instantly: Let a visitor in and disarm your security system with a single command.


Stay in the know: Get alerted when your family arrives home, when someone's late or when you forget to lock up.

Lose the keys: Eliminate security risks with digital lock codes, customized with time and date restrictions.

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Easy to operate: Use your all-in-one app or a voice command to adjust the temperature from anywhere. 


More convenient: Your thermostat responds when you arm your security system, arrive home or lock the house. 


Extra savings: Set your preferences, then let AMP Security save energy intelligently when you don't need it.


Lights & Shades

Adjust any or all of your lights with your app or a voice command.

Have lights turn on or off when you arrive home, arm your security system, or go to bed.

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Fire & CO Safety

Your monitoring service alerts 911 for you. If you can’t call for help, they've got your back.

Your app shows you where the danger is, so you can adjust your escape route.


Water Protection

AMP Security & detects leaks and shuts them down. If you're home, you can turn off your water supply from your app to prevent damage. If you're away, your Smart Water Valve+Meter takes care of it for you. 

Let's Get Started

This is just the beginning. Your home, your needs are unique let's chat about a custom solution just for you. 

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